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Elodie Michaud

We support Individuals and Companies in their professional development through coaching. While your expertise is key to being successful and thriving in your professional life, only knowing what you aim for, why and how you will do this, will support you in reaching your full potential.

Whether you are based in Luxembourg or elsewhere, we are here to help! Our services are available in English and in French.

  • Career Progression
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Empowerment

You are an individual invested in your professional life but …

You want your professional path to evolve and do not know where to start , You feel you lack the confidence to take on more responsibility OR You do not have a clear vision of what your next step is.

With Dare&Grow, you will see progress in your professional life, take the next step on your path, feel in control and fulfilled by your professional journey.

For you as an individual, we offer a complete, dedicated and guided program working together to identify your professional challenges. We will address them with your natural strengths and implement a concrete action plan to gain satisfaction and confidence and record your progress

Book an appointment for a free Discovery Session for us to get to know each other and to identify your main hurdles and opportunities for growth.

You are a business and want to develop your team’s abilities but…

They struggle taking up management positions – They have difficulty leading others purposefully – They do not approach their role with confidence.

With Dare&Grow your best assets will be more engaged, effective, satisfied and productive.

Your people will aspire to more, become true managers and leaders, develop their teams and inspire others to join your business.

For your as a business, we offer solutions tailored to your needs in the form of One-to-One Coaching or Group Coaching. We also offer training in soft-skills (design and delivery) and mentoring.

Certification with Gallup® also allows us to integrate the CliftonStrengths® psychometric assessment into our offer.  

What our clients have to say

Working on my personal career transition with Elodie has been a truly rewarding experience.
Through tailored coaching sessions and mutual trust I was able to identify and fulfill my desired goals, and furthermore was able to clearly pinpoint the many steps and actions I can take to reach my full potential.

Anna P.

Elodie’s training delivered clear, coherent and concise content. It was tailored to the skill levels of the audience and its design was structured to progressively build up skills throughout the programme. I greatly appreciated the case studies that further illustrated the topics and allowed to connect to the larger theoretical context. Elodie’s ability to connect and engage with the participants turns a training into a refreshing exchange.

Catherine Kremer

Managing Associate at Linklaters

Starting a career is an important step – not only in terms of technical skills but also in terms of integration into a team, best practice working patterns, communication, and various other soft skills. Covid has made this move more complex than before since work has turned digital and certain skills one would naturally learn in the corridors need to be learned differently. Élodie helped filling the gap of natural learning through daily physical interaction by delivering some very focused and highly efficient training sessions, so that new joiners learned quickly how to overcome the complexity of the « new normal » and feel as if they had always been part of the team.

Silke Bernard

Partner at Linklaters

Who is Dare&Grow?

I am Elodie Michaud and I am the Founder of Dare&Grow.

After 10 years as a lawyer in a Magic Circle law firm in Luxembourg, I chose to support others on their professional paths so they can reach their goals. People are what make companies succeed and society thrive. To do that, individuals’ and team’s talents & strengths need to be fostered and maximised. 

I have seen this first-hand in the legal and financial sector where I  have started my career, and it is true across all other professional sectors. I want to be a driver of this human-centric movement and I will contribute by supporting you in your professional endeavour. Drawing from my experience as a fully certified coach registered with the ICF, and as an experienced manager and lawyer in a challenging industry, I understand the obstacles you may be facing when wanting to evolve in your professional life.

Through coaching, you will gain insights into your strengths, increase your confidence and hone your skills. Together, we will assemble your potential and help you feel satisfied and fulfilled with your career! Dare to try ?

I have now told you about who I am and what I do. Now it is time for you to dare and act!


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